Golden Goose 2013

This year’s Golden Goose will be a hilarious night to remember!

Photographs by Mark Spooner

THANK YOU, all who were involved, for all the hard work, time and enthusiasm!

Geese, you did an AMAZING job!


Spring Roll was a hit!

THANK YOU to all who came out to Roller Palace to join in the fun! We had over 200 guests!

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Spring Roll will be an event to remember!

Lecrae Concert

Lecrae BLEW UP the stage last Thursday at the SOLD OUT concert in the Chapel!

THANK YOU for all who attended!

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Photos courtesy of Lighthouse Events.

We CAN’T WAIT to sell out the Chapel again at concerts in the future!


Can Vladimir Zinczenko READ MINDS?



Come and see this man’s amazing grasp on the human psyche for yourself! 
Friday at 7pm in the Chapel

We can’t wait to see you,




The band put on quite a show last night!

Thanks to all who came… the chapel was filled!

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Thanks, Michael Curtis, for the pictures!

Don’t miss the next concert coming to Gordon: Rocketboys on March 1st.

goose this year!

dearest friends.

Golden Goose has been a long-standing tradition at Gordon College for over ten years. Traditionally, Golden Goose has been an all-male event.

As this event has evolved within these past years, The Campus Events Council has decided to put the decision in the hands of the student body by giving them the opportunity to nominate both male and female students.

Thus, Gordon students have the choice to continue this tradition or take Golden Goose in a new direction. The Campus Events Council looks forward to seeing what students decide to do this year!

it’s up to you! Stay positive and carefree, Gordon.



Gungor is Coming!

Gungor is Coming!

Due to the storm we’re pushing the concert back to NEXT SATURDAY
the 16th of February. Same time, same place. Also Don’t forget the behind the music session at 5 (for students only)

Tickets to the show can be reserved for students, faculty, and their families! (But hurry, only the first 800 are free!)


Coffeehouse Auditions

Have a musical talent that you wish to share with the Gordon community ?

… then head to Coffeehouse open auditions for your chance!

– – JENKS 237 on February 7th from 5 to 8 – –

Come prepared to show us what you got… YOU could be featured in a Coffeehouse this semester!!