Please don’t stop the…

[music]. Because we are all about giving Gordon some good shows.

Have yourselves a listen.

tiny mtns performs THIS FRIDAY in GILLIES at 7 pm!



FIRST of the year…

PRESENTING the first Coffeehouse of the year!

Food, music, talent, music, coffee, music.  What more could you ask for??        [not much, we think.]


love, CEC

(please note: Chad Wimberly will also be performing at the coffeehouse. And if you were wondering about Danielle Duggins, Nate DiMauro, Dave Hicks and Steven Kennedy, they call themselves the Rough Riderz. Check out the posters around campus to see the correct line-up!)


If you missed the coffeehouse auditions, we had a plethora of talent performing in Jenks 237 on Monday night. A huge THANK YOU to the huge turnout! (And not to worry, all of you other singers/poets/musicians/comedians who may have missed out will have another chance to try out in the coming months.)

Stay tuned for the Ferrin Coffeehouse line up! We promise, it’s going to be good…

xoxo CEC

Hello world!

Welcome to this year’s Campus Events Council blog! We’ll share pictures, event recaps, and upcoming activities with you if you promise to check in and give us your feedback.  The fall semester is fast approaching and while it can be difficult to switch out of summer mode, we’re hoping some of our events will make the transition a little easier. Get ready for a fantastic year!

Until then,